best garage door lubtricant

What is the Best Lubricant for Garage Doors?

7th April 2020 By alfa

We recommend using a lightweight, household oil that’s 30W or lighter. You should never use grease. In your garage door track maintenance routine, you should lubricate the following track parts:

  • Locking hardware moving parts where the lock turns or slides
  • Track steel rollers and roller stems (don’t lubricate nylon rollers)
  • The full length of the torsion spring and torsion tube
  • Lift cables at the bottom bracket
  • All hinge pivot points

Once you’re done lubricating the parts, wipe off any excess oil.

If you’re looking for additional garage door maintenance instructions or tips, We post on regular basis about all garage door problems.


Do not grease your garage door rollers and tracks, because dust and sand will be sticking to them, and the grease will drip down on your cars in hot Summer. You can use W-40 spray oil or garage door lubricant to spray on each roller’s ball bearing, do not spray too much oil on them, because they will drip all over on your cars or floor. Make sure these rollers are tight, if they are loose, tighten them before they fall off the tracks and the whole garage door will fall down on the top of your car as you push the garage door opener to open the door.

There is a spray product specifically made for the job. It’s not WD-40. It’s meant to be sprayed on the track and the castors. It is also meant to be used sparingly and applied every 6 months or so. Go to your local hardware store and ask for assistance. If that doesn’t pan out call your local garage door repair people for advice.