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What is the Best Epoxy Paint to use for my Garage Floor?

21st July 2020 By alfa

The best epoxy paint to use for your garage floor would be one that features a high percentage of solids.

The best thanks to going are 100% solids, although it’s hard to figure with because it is extremely thick.

I would also go with a 2-part epoxy as a 2-part epoxy has a hardener in it which means it hardens and is very thick on the floor.

However, the sole con with the 2-part is it’s a really short pot life, you’ll get to catch on down on the ground within 25-30 minutes before it sets up and hardens. So in short, the best way to go is 100% solids and 2-part.

However, if there’s not very heavy traffic and you’re just going for looks you’ll use a 2-part Rustoleum epoxy which runs about $65.00 for a 2 car garage but is only about 30% solids.

It basically depends on the environment it will be in.

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