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Should you Lubricate Garage Door Springs?

7th April 2020 By alfa

A lubricant is an organic substance that reduces friction between surfaces. Its function is to reduce the heat generated when the two surfaces have a mutual contact. On the other hand, to lubricate is the act of applying oil or greasy substance to different machines to lessen the fraction. When you lubricate garage doors tracks, it will become smooth and slippery. This will result in better performance of your garage door.

Yes, it’s a good idea to grease the ends where metal to metal contact occurs. Also, springs are susceptible to corrosion and rust so coating them all over is a good idea as well. They can be painted for rust protection but the paint will eventually chip and crack as the spring is used due to flexing.


There are a lot of reasons as to why you should apply lubricants to your garage doors. When your garage door is lubricated the hardware will not have any screeching and noisy sounds. It has been said that lubricants are the key to your garage door’s health. Several parts of your garage door require lubrication. For example, your garage door rollers. These rollers help your garage door to function smoothly. Tracks, hinges and other connecting hardware of the garage door must be lubricated. Springs require daily lubrication. The springs are the ones responsible to lift your door up and down.

As a responsible homeowner, you should also choose the best lubricant for your garage door. When you prefer the cheap ones, it may only cause more damage to your garage door. Choose a lubricant that will help you improve and maintain the life and beauty of your garage door. With the correct garage door lubricant, your garage door will work well as new.

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