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Right Garage Door Opener

10th December 2020 By alfa

The ease and convenience of a residential garage door opener are going to be on display when Alfa Garage Door Repair installs it. It not only offers security and safety but maybe a durable product that comes during a sort of drive systems and horsepower levels. Having been shown to last for years and ready to withstand just about whatever Mother Nature gives it, the Liftmaster model comes in five different versions.

If you’re thinking you simply need garage door repair, it’s important to understand that if your garage door opener was manufactured before 1993, it’s overdue to get replaced so as to ensure safety.

Here’s a glance at our five models, all equipped to lock when the door is down:

LiftMaster 3850
This garage door opener is invaluable if your area is susceptible to power outages, since it can work 40 full cycles within at some point . Its motor allows for fewer wear and tear, and therefore the gearbox offers constant lubrication to stay things running smoothly.

LiftMaster 3280
Peace and quiet are one of the charms of this model, because of a heavy-duty motor that gives an automatic belt tensioner and a safer belt grip.

LiftMaster 3240
Another model that gives quiet when it’s getting used, courtesy of its screw drive motor, and comes with a one-piece solid rail.

LiftMaster 3255
This chain drive model provides reliability which will qualify to the toughest of circumstances, because of its industrial-strength toughness. Just like the 3240, the one-piece solid rail may be a key component.

LiftMaster 3800
Setting itself aside from the opposite models, this jackshaft opener helps save space, and is merely for those unique architectural considerations where sectional doors are in place . that has low or obstructed ceilings, but the utmost range is up to 14 feet high or 180 square feet. This model offers all the benefits of the opposite versions and mounts on either the proper or left side of the door. There are not any rails to hold , though an wall socket must be within six feet.

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