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Limitations of Single-Panel Garage Doors

7th September 2020 By alfa

Of course, single panel garage doors aren’t all fun and games. Some potential negatives of single-panel doors include:

Safety: Perhaps the foremost important reason homeowners have abandoned single-panel garage doors is due to the security factor. These older doors use extension springs, which may fail catastrophically when not properly maintained. Springs have flown off rusted connectors and skilled drywall, garage contents, and even car windows.

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Space limitations: Newer homes mean increasingly less space between neighbors, especially in tightly-packed planned communities. the additional few feet one-panel garage door must tilt has got to begin of the driveway, meaning that you’ll need to park further back while the garage door is opening. There also can be slightly less space inside the garage as a single-panel garage door opens. for instance, during a smallish garage, a tall pickup with a full shell over the bed may interfere with the angle of the garage door because it swings open. If space is at a premium, a sectional garage door is that the best thanks to going.

Expensive repairs: Although your single-panel garage door can certainly handle some trouble, a sectional garage door could also be better in extreme weather. When a single-panel garage door fails, it fails dramatically, with the entire door coming down directly. A failed sectional garage door could also be dented or crushed in only one section, providing a neater, less costly recovery. If a teenage driver bumps a garage door, for instance, a single-panel door is an upscale repair, since the entire door must get replaced.

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