How to Reset Garage Door Opener

How to reset a Garage Door Opener?

16th March 2020 By alfa

The Door Opener Brands does a pretty stellar job of providing online resources for its customers that need support and troubleshooting for their products. Doesn’t matter which brand you have in your home – Chamberlain or LiftMaster – you should be able to find the resources you need.

Reset Garage Door Opener
Reset Garage Door Opener

However, below are a couple steps that you should take to go about troubleshooting your Chamberlain Garage Door Opener if you are having issues with it.

  1. Visit the page about my product on their website. The Chamberlain website has practically every product in its inventory included on the website (and Lift-master too), with pretty detailed information and documentation on each item. People have a Chamberlain opener and a LiftMaster opener too, and both of their website’s have resources in their troubleshooting.

    Take this product for instance, the MC100 – Universal Mini Remote Control . From their webpage about the product, you can download the owners manual and also review a video overview of its programming guide.

    The owners manuals are in their entirety, so if there is a common issue with your door opener that you are looking to get fixed, you should be able to find the answer inside the manual.

    Contact customer support. According to their website, Chamberlain and Lift-Master both provides technical support by phone six days a week. There is also an email address for you to contact on that page.

    These companies sells 1000s of these garage openers a year. Our guess would be if you need troubleshooting for your product that you aren’t alone. Call customer support for technical issues and I’m sure they can help you get squared away.
  2. Contact the retailer you purchased the garage door opener from. Usually Garage Door Companies have a team member on staff that can help you troubleshoot products that are commonly purchased. You can contact them and get your problem fixed. Alfa Garage Doors have a team of Experts to help you 24×7.

If none of these options work, you can of course search Google or go with YouTube search results for an answer


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