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How much does a New Garage Door Cost?

7th June 2020 By alfa

Garage door prices can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Materials used Have a Big Impact on Garage Door Prices.

Throw away everything you just think you know about materials when it comes to garage doors because the plastic ones are actually more expensive. Technically, by plastic, we mean vinyl, which can look fantastic for a decade or more if you opt for a multi-layer door. Vinyl also makes it easier for the manufacturer to incorporate layers of insulation and even windows.

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You can spend much more when it comes to the custom wood garage door or high-tech doors with an energy-efficient glaze. The sky is the limit when you choose a bespoke garage door, in terms of the possibilities and the price.

A cheaper halfway-house is a wood composite, which allows for layers of insulation, is relatively lightweight, and costs much less than solid wood. You require to paint it and, like composite furniture, it can also chip. But the material used is relatively easy to repair or maintain and good composite doors are hard-wearing, so they’re a solid compromise.

A single-layer steel door is the cheaper option for buying a garage door, which sounds counter-intuitive. Unless it’s properly treated, though, steel will corrode over time and it just does not absorb impacts well. Once it’s dented, It is almost impossible to repair steel. The cheaper steel doors tend to forego installation, too, which could cost you dear in the end.