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How Can I Fix a Jammed Garage Door?

9th March 2022 By alfa

Nothing is more annoying than attempting to open or close your garage door only to discover that it refuses to move. If your garage door appears to be stuck, the first thing you should do is check the batteries in your remote. You’d be shocked how frequently this is the source of the issue.

If the problem isn’t caused by dead batteries, try the next five steps to troubleshoot your garage door.

  1. Find the obstruction

First and foremost, if you notice a jam problem with your garage door, turn off the opener and inspect the track visually. Something, such as a dropped stored item or loosened door hardware, could be trapped in the track. If an impediment is causing the problem, simply remove it and try the garage door once more.

  1. Examine the Garage Springs

The springs are an important part of your garage door because they allow the door to be readily lifted or lowered despite its weight. Whether you have torsion springs on your garage door, look for a space between them to see if they’re broken. Check to see whether a piece of extension spring is dangling from the side if you have them.

Your garage door springs will need to be changed if they are broken. Attempting to undertake the job yourself, on the other hand, can be extremely dangerous.

  1. Broken cables

The spring lifts the garage door by pulling a cable attached to the garage door. The garage door will not move if the cable is broken. A common garage door repair is the replacement of a garage door cable.

  1. Garage door track

If your garage door still won’t open, look at the tracks next. Dirt and debris, as well as bits of old lubricant, should all be avoided. The rollers may be unable to travel smoothly along the tracks due to these impediments.

  1. Locked Garage Door

Make sure the garage door isn’t just locked before attempting any of these solutions for fixing a jammed garage door. Before attempting any additional methods or calling in a professional, check if your door’s locking system is turned off and try opening and closing it again.

If you have checked all the above things and still can’t figure out what is causing your garage door to jam, call a repair person to have each feature of the door and motor checked. Alfa Garage Doors are at your service to help you out in this kind of situation. Contact us at or call us on (847) 749-6700