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What is Residential Garage Door?

9th June 2020 By alfa

A Residential Garage Door is a large door on a garage that opens either manually or by an electric motor (a garage door opener). Garage Doors are large enough to […]

How much does a New Garage Door Cost?

7th June 2020 By alfa

Garage door prices can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Materials used Have a Big Impact on Garage Door Prices. Throw away everything you just think you know […]

What is the Best Lubricant for Garage Doors?

7th April 2020 By alfa

We recommend using a lightweight, household oil that’s 30W or lighter. You should never use grease. In your garage door track maintenance routine, you should lubricate the following track parts: […]

How to reset a Garage Door Opener?

16th March 2020 By alfa

The Door Opener Brands does a pretty stellar job of providing online resources for its customers that need support and troubleshooting for their products. Doesn’t matter which brand you have […]