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4 Different Types of Garage Doors

18th August 2020 By alfa

There are different types of garage doors available in the market with different sizes, colors, usage, pricing, etc. After reading this article you will get an idea which type of door will suit you on the bases of material used.

Wood Garage Doors: There aren’t many garage door materials that will match the sweetness of a wood garage door. it’s a standard, inviting look that’s bound to catch the attention of friends, family, and neighbors.

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Not to mention they’re high maintenance.

They’ll get to be painted and stained every few years to take care of their beauty. the maintenance of your wooden garage door requires tons of your time and money.

Speaking of cash, the worth to get wooden garage doors are far above other garage door materials. This stems from their reputation for being a standard, beautiful garage door but there are far better options for Midwest homeowners.

Aluminum Garage Doors: Aluminum garage doors do everything wood garage doors don’t. They’re durable enough to handle the nasty Midwest weather – they won’t warp, rot or expand when exposed to moisture. Plus, they’re far less costly.

That doesn’t mean aluminum doesn’t have its justifiable share of problems.

During the summer, you’ll learn very quickly that aluminum absorbs heat. This makes it hot to the touch and can make your garage unbearably warm. If you’ve got an attached garage, you’ll see your electric bills rise as your air conditioning is during a constant battle to manage the temperature in your home.

Steel Garage Doors: steel garage doors are energy-efficient all year round. they need a foam core which makes your garage airtight, keeping your heated or cooled air inside. this may lower the value of your energy bills and protect any items stored in your garage.

Also, steel doors are more durable than the opposite options. Steel won’t dent and ding from a touch hail or driveway basketball. Your steel garage door will withstand the test of your time and appearance beautiful while doing it.

Glass Garage Doors: One reason people like glass garage doors is because they create space feel larger. If you’re using your garage as additional lebensraum, this could be an incredible option if it wasn’t for the weather.

It also depends on where your garage is found. If it’s within the back of the house, the privacy issue won’t scare you the maximum amount. Still, we wouldn’t recommend glass garage doors to Midwest homeowners.

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